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“Reveals the delicate fragility of our lives and the suffocating power of chaos.”
– Sean Griffin, Travel Account Manager, 28, Montreal, QC.

“Loaded. Hilarious. A fun ride. Erotic, Sexy. Thought Provoking.”
– Stephanie Powers, Fashion Designer, 40, Montreal, QC.

“Unexpected. Hits close to home.”
– Dawn Jackson, Editor, 74, Edmonton, AB.

“Compassionate. Tears-in-my-eyes funny. Well-paced. An enjoyable read.”
– Patrick Hughes, Fund Manager, 55, Pointe-Claire, QC.

“Page Turner. Touching. Raw. Uncomfortable. Authentic.”
– Davis Roberts, Financial Sales Consultant, 57, Portsmouth, NH.

“Gripping. Humorous. Chilling.”
– Elizabeth Richards, Mother, 77, Fernie, BC.

“Compelling. Unsettling. A fast read. Impressive.”
– Mark Napier, Videographer, 52, Montreal, QC.

“Well-written. Startling. Touching. Brutal.”
– Bill Nairn, Lawyer, 80, Telluride, CO.

“Laugh-my-ass-off funny.”
– Jack Thomas, Student, 17, Montreal, QC.

“Suspenseful. Clever. Engaging. Distressing.”
– Leigh Fogolin, Writer, 52, Montreal, QC.

“Surprising. Outrageous. Unnerving.”
– Charlize Huddy, Librarian, 76, Biddeford, ME.


A novel by
Will N. Richards

The Mystery of the Missing Erection

A self-help guide
Will N. Richards



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